MH183KUA is a unipolar Hall effect sensor IC. It incorporates advanced chopper stabilization technology to provide accurate and stable magnetic switch points. The design, specifications and performance have been optimized for applications of solid state switches.The output transistor will be switched on (BOP) in the presence of a sufficiently strong South pole magnetic field facing the marked side of the package. Similarly, the output will be switched off (BRP) in the presence of a weaker South field and remain off with “0” field

Features and Benefits
• CMOS Hall IC Technology
• Solid-State Reliability
• Chopper stabilized amplifier stage
• Unipolar, output switches with absolute value of South pole from magnet
• High Sensitivity for direct reed switch replacement applications
• Small Size in To 92S or Sot 23 package.
• Custom sensitivity / Temperature selection are available.

•  Solid state switch
• Limit switch
• Current limit
• Interrupter
• Current sensing
• Magnet proximity sensor for reed switch replacement in low duty cycle applications

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Operation Type




Voltage Range

2.5V – 25V

Output Current

50 mA


60 Gauss

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