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    It’s the time when human beings desire to work at the speed of their speech as there are many systems that can be successfully operated with any delay of time and as the other face speed is one of the necessary in operating systems performance. It’s called VSRS “vocal simulated robotics system

    With the rapid progress in computer technology many people now have a surplus computer just gathering dust somewhere. Thus these computers are free to be used as dedicated controllers for a variety of uses: turning on/off lights or other devices around the home, office, laboratory or factory come to mind. All that is needed is the interface to connect it to the real world. This Kit provides both the hardware and the software to do this. The hardware PCB plugs in directly to the USB port of the computer. It carries 8 relays. Each relay is switched on or off by one bit of the output byte which usually goes to your printer to print a character. hey are rated to switch 250VAC at 12A.

    • WORKING:-

    when we are ordering some command than our system start working on that command give appropriate result. Order is given by mic or mobile. Voice command catch by circuit device which connected to a mic port after command recognize by software, and some date transfer to a USB port, Another one circuit is connected to a USB port which recognize data and operating relay and some instruments works on relay. These system also recognize its owner and give answers of his questions.

    • STEPS:-
    1. First of all you need Arduino board, You can purchase form here. PURCHASE ARDUINO BOARD.
    2. Download software for arduino board (its open source/Free, 91.2 MB). DOWNLOAD
    3. Connect to PC and install all the driver as per request.
    4. Now unzip arduino software and open arduino.exe, Go file–>Examples–>Firmata–> and open “Standard Firmata” this will open new windows. Now UPLOAD file to Arduino board.
    5. Now Download Processing software(85.7 MB). DOWNLOAD
    6. To control your any Device you need RELAY BOARD, 4 RELAY BOARD and 8 RELAY BOARD
    7. Connect relay board and arduino board (Connect arduino output pins 1 to 8 TO relay input pin, and give supply to relay board and arduino board.
    8. Buy and open in processing software.


    Now see video for further setup………. Best luck….




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