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    1 Read a Digital Value (DigitalReadSerial)
    2 16×12 Grid MIDI Step Sequencer
    3 A connected thermostat
    4 Advanced Arduino Sound Synthesis
    5 Android-controlled Beer Tap
    6 Andruino – Bluetooth Android To Arduino Communication
    7 Appliance Remote Control Arduino Project
    8 Aquaponics – Online Temperature and Humidity
    9 Arduino 7 Segment LED Display and Counter
    10 arduino based alarm clock
    11Arduino based Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
    12 Arduino Based Autopilot System
    13 arduino based battery charger
    14 arduino based car parking system
    15 arduino based distance sensor
    16 arduino based energy meter
    17 arduino based flight controller for quadcopter
    18 arduino based gps tracker
    19 arduino based heart rate monitor
    20 Arduino based Home Automation
    21 arduino based home security system
    22 arduino based incubator
    23 arduino based intervalometer
    24 arduino based inverter
    25 arduino based joystick
    26 arduino based light dimmer
    27 arduino based line following robot
    28 arduino based mp3 player
    29 arduino based obstacle avoiding robot
    30 arduino based oscilloscope
    31 Arduino Based Part Fill Automatic Valve
    32 arduino based quadcopter
    33 arduino based robotic arm
    34 arduino based security system
    35 arduino based shadow alarm
    36 Arduino based Solar Street Light
    37 arduino based temperature controller
    38 arduino based temperature monitor
    39 arduino based thermostat
    40 arduino based tilt detector
    41 Arduino based Underground Cable Fault Detection
    42 arduino based vehicle parking counter
    43 arduino based voltmeter
    44 arduino based water level controller
    45 arduino based wireless power meter
    46 Arduino Camping LED Light
    47 Arduino Christmas LED Lights Bar
    48 Arduino Controlled Yoghurt / Beer Maker
    49 Arduino Digital Voltmeter
    50 Arduino Firefly Jar with the Atmega328
    51 Arduino Hall Effect Sensor ( Gaussmeter )
    52 Arduino Icicle Lights with LEDs
    53 Arduino Multiple Lights Dimmer
    54 Arduino Music Player
    55 Arduino Night Security Alarm with PIR Sensor
    56 Arduino Painting Machine
    57 Arduino Panic Alarm
    58 Arduino Powered Binary Clock
    59 Arduino powered Lucky Cat as physical Webcounter
    60 Arduino Powered Mobile Phone
    61 Arduino Powered Poker Table
    62 Arduino PWM Led Control
    63 Arduino Room Temperature Monitor
    64 Arduino Security Alarm with Reed Switch
    65 Arduino Self Timer
    66 Arduino Siren Sound Alarm
    67 Arduino Stock Lamp
    68 Arduino Wireless Animatronic Hand
    69 Arduino-Controlled Robotic Drum
    70 Automated Cat Laser
    71 Automatic Camera Shutter Switch
    72 Automatic Head Tracking with Arduino
    73 Basic Arduino Robotic Vehicle
    74 Blinking an LED with Arduino
    75 Blinking Eyes Arduino Pumpkin
    76 Blinking leds sketch
    77 Brainwave Powered Prosthetic Arm
    78 Breathalyzer Microphone
    79 Calibrate a Sensor Automatically (Calibration)
    80 Cellular Sensor Sentinel
    81 Coin Operated Advice Machine
    82 Connect an iOS Device to Arduino
    83 Control a Relay with Arduino
    84 Control Arduino Via Bluetooth And Smartphone
    85 Control LEDs ON/OFF with IR Remote and Arduino
    86 Control Servo Motors with the Wii Mote Joystick
    87 Control the Flashing Rate of an LED using a Potentiometer (AnalogInput)
    88 Creating a Single-Cell Battery Tester
    89 Detect a Knock on a Sensor (Knock)
    90 Digital Clock with Arduino and DS1307
    91 Digital Combination Lock
    92 Dirt Simple POV LED Display
    93 DIY Gaming with a 3D Controller
    94 DIY Musical Keytar
    95 DVD Player Turned into a VFD Clock
    96 Electronic Memory Game
    97 eSleeper – put your pet on sleep mode
    98 Fade an LED’s Brightness (Fade / Fading)
    99 Fade LED In and Out with Arduino
    100 Fan Speed Controlled by Temperature and Arduino
    101 Fantastic Arduino Laser Harp
    102 Garduino-Automated Gardening System
    103 Gas detector / indicator (USB powered) with arduino
    104 Giant 6 Foot Disco Ball Music Visualiser
    105 GPS Cat Tracker
    106 Hack a NES Controller into a Security Keypad
    107 Hacking of EEG toys with arduino
    108 High Speed Photography using the Arduino
    109 Homemade X-Ray Machine.
    110 Interactive gaming controller
    111 Interface a rotary phone dial to an Arduino
    112 Interfacing with Maya and 3d Studio Max
    113 Internet Motion Sensor
    114 Knight Rider effect sketch
    115 Laser Harp Fully Functional
    116 Laser Maze Powered by Arduino
    117 Leap Motion Tilt Marble Maze
    118 Low-cost Global Satellite Signaling with Iridium
    119 Make an LED Bar Graph Display (barGraph)
    120 Make an RGB combination door lock
    121 Marble Labrynth controlled using the WiiFit
    122 Metal Detector Made With Arduino
    123 Mind-controlled Nerf Gun
    124 Mirrored Shack Lights Up The Desert
    125 Multi-Touch Touchscreen Music Controller
    126 Musical MIDI Shoes
    127 Notifying Doorbell with PushingBox
    128 Open source Game Boy
    129 Open-Source Quadcopter
    130 Overclocking an Arduino with Liquid Nitrogen
    131 Play Different Tones as Light Intensity Changes (tonePitchFollower)
    132 Potted Plant Protector
    133 Proximity Sensor to Automate Your Haunted House
    134 RainBoard – RGB LED Rainbow Fader
    135 RC Car Controlled Via the Web
    136 Read an Analog Value (AnalogReadSerial)
    137 Reading Temperatures using I2C, TC04 sensors and Arduino
    138 Remote controlling Heavy LCD TV with Smartphone
    139 Retro Games Console Based on Arduino
    140 RFID Access Control System
    141 RFID cat door
    142 RGB Lamp Controlled from PC
    143 RGB Liquid Crystal Display Tutorial
    144 Robofish – Swimming Arduino Robot
    145 Robot that Reads and Speaks RSS Feeds
    146 Rocker Scale Measures how Hard You Rock
    147 Rotary Encoder Tutorial with Arduino Code
    148 Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock
    149 Self Balancing Segway-like Robot
    150 Self-Balancing Segway Robot
    151 Self-Guide Golf Club Carrier
    152 Sensing Hot and Cold with Arduino
    153 Simple Soil Moisture Sensor – Arduino Project
    154 Simple Wall Avoiding Robot
    155 Singing plant – bettter listen to opera music
    156 SNF Drumming MIDI Glove using Arduino and light sensors
    157 Sound-To-Light Particle Lightbox
    158 Spatialized umbrella
    159 Switch a LED on when Switch is Closed (Button)
    160 Temperature Controlled Relay with Arduino
    161 Text Message-Based Remote Display
    162 The Inebriator – An Arduino Powered Cocktail Maker
    163 The LED Brightness or Fan Speed with Arduino
    164 The Magic Crystal Mood Ball
    165 TouchUp – Control Hospital Bed From iPad
    166 Transfer the MintDuino from Breadboard to Perfboard
    167 Turn ON an LED Sketch
    168 Turn ON an LED with a Button and Arduino
    169 Turn signal biking jacket
    170 Turn your Arduino into a Magnetic Card Reader!
    171 Tweet-a-Watt Wireless Electricity Monitor
    172 Twitter Mood Light
    173 UAV Spyplane Using the Arduino
    174 Use a Potentiometer to Dim a LED (AnalogInOutSerial)
    175 Vibrating Gear Stick For Helping Change Gears
    176 VK 2WD Electric Car with Arduino
    177 Web Based Servo Control
    178 Website Visitor Blinker – Christmas Bell
    179 Wiimote Controlled Espresso Machine
    180 Wireless Online Remote Chess
    181 Wooden Arduino Knocking Calculator
    182 XBee Wireless Accelerometer
    183 Xmas Pi Lets You Control Tree Lights From Browser

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